Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite Theme

Zerif Lite is a free theme by Themeisle available for sites using WordPress boasting a minimalist design suitable for corporate users as well as personal bloggers and photographer.

Key features

Zerif Lite is a multipurpose modern theme which has a clean and minimalist design which makes it suitable for a wide variety of websites. Custom full-screen front pages are supported which lends itself well to photographers as a way of displaying their images. Zerif Lite is also fully compatible with the open-source WooCommerce platform, allowing small to medium-sized merchants to sell goods directly via their websites.

The SEO-friendly properties of the Zerif Lite theme are clearly respected by WordPress users given that (as of May 2018) it averages over a thousand downloads per day. Reviews average a 4.5 out of a possible total of 5, with many full of praise for the customer support offered by Themeisle as well as the template’s clean design.


  • Who is Zerif Lite designed for? Zerif Lite is designed for a wide range of clients including corporate businesses, online merchants, bloggers and photographers.
  • What are the theme’s best features? Free to download, full-screen images, WooCommerce compatible, SEO friendly design.
  • Where can you download Zerif Lite? You can download Zerif Lite for free via the WordPress.org theme directory.