Shadowcat Theme

Shadowcat is a premium WordPress theme that has been optimised for online magazines and news journals. Described as the ‘most customisable WordPress theme’, Shadowcat allows users to alter its vertical header, widgets and grid layout when designing their website.


Key Features

Shadowcat is known for its responsive design, meaning that its display is optimised for a range of devices and screen sizes. Specifically, the WordPress theme is optimised for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, with each sections of the web page automatically calibrating to fit the screen as necessary. Moreover, Shadowcat has been designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind, looking both modern and trendy, thus making the content of an online magazine or blog instantly more commercial. To be exact, Shadowcat provides unlimited layouts in the sense that it provides a multitude of modules, colours and fonts, so that you can build your homepage without any knowledge of coding.

In addition, the theme works best for content that is paired with images, as the Shadowcat grid layout requires pictures to present itself in an organic manner. Therefore, you may be best interested in using Shadowcat if you are a photojournalist, are writing for a magazine that reviews products or if you are working on an online blog. Furthermore, the theme provides a full-page slider to display any artwork, images or photography at the heart of the webpage. Shadowcat also supports a variety of post formats such as audio and video, with a range of pre-set options to make your site easy to configure. You will also have the advantage of a live search tool with Ajax, which shows predicted results while you are typing in the bar.


Summary of Shadowcat

Shadowcat is a multi-purpose WordPress theme which can be used for any blog, but is optimised for online magazines and news websites.

Notable features: responsive design, unlimited layouts, multiple colours, fonts and modules.

Shadowcat is available to purchase from, at a price of £35 (GBP) for a regular licence or £1143 for an extended licence, which includes the item price and buyer fee.