Photo Blog

Photo Blog

Photo Blog is a beginner-friendly WordPress theme by Automattic which is unsurprisingly designed for amateur and professional photographers. A customisable layout and exclusive featured image filters help you attain your desired aesthetic.


Key features of Photo Blog

Photo Blog is primarily designed for amateur and professional photographers who want a simple one-column layout to display their work along with short captions. Therefore the use of featured images is particularly recommended when using this theme. Their designers have even added a filters function which automatically applies to all your featured images, for instance you can adjust the colour balance, contrast and brightness with a single click depending on your desired look. You can also adjust the layout of your pictures on the homepage depending on whether you would prefer a masonry or grid layout.


Summary of Photo Blog

  • Who is Photo Blog designed for? Photo Blog is designed to display pictures from amateur and professional photographers to make a portfolio blog.
  • Notable features: Customisable layout, in-built featured image filters, large featured images.
  • Photo Blog by Automattic is available to buy from the WordPress store for a current price of £31.