Soledad is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed by PenciDesign which comes with over 2000 demo homepages which you can easily preview on your own site then adapt to your personal specifications. Bloggers, businesses, news sites and photographers can all make use of the template which boasts a SEO-friendly interface and clean minimal design.


Shadowcat Theme

Shadowcat is a premium WordPress theme that has been optimised for online magazines and news journals. Described as the ‘most customisable WordPress theme’, Shadowcat allows users to alter its vertical header, widgets and grid layout when designing their website.


Valenti Theme

Valenti is a HD retina-ready WordPress theme, optimised for magazines and online review journals. Focused on delivering a striking visual experience, the theme offers smooth animations, a responsive display and an easy to navigate drag & drop interface.


Interactive Theme

Interactive is a modern contemporary WordPress theme that been designed specifically for online blogs and magazines. A unique selling point of the theme is that it comes with a review system, enabling website visitors to rate and comment on blog posts, thus demonstrating how it is truly ‘interactive’.