Corporate Header

The premium WordPress theme Corporate is designed for small to medium sized businesses with features including a professional colour scheme, several options for featured content and support for custom site backgrounds.


Key features of Corporate

Corporate is a premium (£147) WordPress theme designed for small and medium-sized businesses as reflected in their neutral colour scheme which may also cater to private entrepreneurs and bloggers. The theme designed by We Cobble supports customisation highly which allows customers to choose a background, header/footer image and custom colours to reflect the style of their company. Your site can also have a featured content slider if you select this theme, allowing you to highlight aspects of your business, your goods and your services. As a premium theme you may also expect a fully comprehensive guide and 24/7 email support from Professional Themes, who published this design. Moreover you can choose whether you want to install Corporate on your self-hosted website or whether you wish them to facilitate a guided transfer.


Summary of Corporate

  • Who is Corporate designed for? Corporate is designed for small and medium sized businesses, with a neutral colour scheme which suits multiple industries.
  • Notable features: several custom options, 24/7 email support, guided transfer, content slider
  • You can purchase Corporate by We Cobble from the WordPress themes catalogue for a price of £147 GBP.